Why VPS Hosting Is Recommended Instead Of Shared Hosting For WordPress Website

If you are an avid writer and keen to share your thoughts with the world, you can do so by starting a blog. WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular free blog sites. Free blogging websites can be the ideal choice for those new to blogging but if you wish, you can go for paid options as well. In both instances, you will host the blog to ensure that it reaches the targeted audience. There are a few hosting options available but shared servers and VPS or virtual private servers are the top choices of bloggers just starting up.

To help you decide, here is a simple, straightforward explanation of both shared and VPS hosting.

What Is Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, as the name suggests, is a server hosting arrangement in which one powerful server is shared by many users to host their websites. You could be hosted on a server that’s shared by literally hundreds of individuals and companies – some doing business the right way, a few not so scrupulous. As all the websites are on the same physical server, it can lead to a situation wherein, the big fish swallows up a large portion of the resources, leaving the smaller players with pithy smatterings. This can affect the performance of your blogging site and more importantly, your reputation.

Shared Hosting Benefits

However, shared hosting is a favorite of many first-time bloggers as it is the cheapest hosting service and is easy to set up and manage. If you have limited use of resources and want a hosting solution that fits within your limited budget, shared hosting can be the right choice but the downsides far outweighs the positives. It is very likely that you will outgrow the limited features and resources that a shared hosting offers within a short period of time.

VPS hosting is the next step of most website owners when they want to make that transition from shared hosting to something more powerful and advanced.

What Is VPS Hosting & Its Benefits

Virtual Private Server is a server that exists on a powerful physical machine thus drawing comparison with shared server system but rather erroneously. In a VPS system, you can get access to a guaranteed quantum of resources just for your use. Your WordPress website will be able to perform efficiently as it can use the features and resources needed for optimum output. Also, you can upgrade to a higher level of VPS without having to migrate, when you need more power to meet your availability and visibility objectives.

Types Of VPS Hosting

There are managed and unmanaged VPS hosting options available which mean you can either allow the server host to be in charge of server operations and management or you can do it on your own. The latter option will require you or your team to have a sound technical knowhow of how server systems work. Backing up your WordPress website is strongly recommended if you are using unmanaged VPS hosting as it will give you access to all your data when needed and even when you lose data due to some disaster.

Choosing the services of a reputed and experienced VPS server host is recommended for enjoying an enhanced hosting experience.

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