Top 6 CDN Providers for WordPress

Latency is a major problem that every WordPress website owner has to deal with at some point or the other. It is that frustrating delay that visitors to a website experiences when they try to load a web page from the site. Poor loading speed can affect the reputation of your business as it gives a poor browsing experience to your visitors and can also bring down your ranking on Google.

The best way to deal with the problem is to use the services of CDNs or content delivery network. It helps improve loading pages by providing cached version of content of your WordPress website in various geographical locations. It helps in providing enhanced coverage of content and easy and quick accessibility to users. Choosing the best CDN provider is imperative to deal with the problem firmly and conclusively.

Here is a list of the top 6 CDN providers for WordPress.


CloudOYE is the undisputed leader when it comes to CDN services as they provide next-generation CDN solutions to ensure smooth and hassle-free distribution of your static content to users. The service comes with features like low latency and high data transfer speeds. They have tied up with OnApp to provide visitors a great browsing experience. CloudOYE offers fastest edge servers and at affordable prices.


Go4hosting is one of the most reputed and highly ranked CDN service providers and has been providing cutting edge CDN solutions to ensure that WordPress content is accessed fast and without any delay. The service also comes with user-friendly caching server template that allows setting up of CDN from the website’s cloud infrastructure. Go4hosting offers self-managed portal with API support as a part of their features. This helps in easily configuring CDN setup through the CP and their dashboard. You just pay INR 6 for the entire traffic routed through the services.


DialWebHosting has become a top ranked CDN hosting provider, the services of which are being used by many WordPress websites to overcome their serious latency issues. The service is powered by an impressive network of servers to make sure that necessary IT resources which are scalable are available on demand. DialWebHosting CDN service comes with high guaranteed uptime, best monitoring and reporting and high band connectivity.


This is another one of the top ranked and reliable CDN hosting services for WordPress. ComputeHost has tied up with many top CDN providers to ensure that their clients have a great experience with their websites and applications. ComputeHost offers 300 plus templates that can be readily used. With ComputeHost, your application can be up and running quickly thanks to the sophisticated technology that the company offers. The company also guarantees impressive uptime on their cloud CDN services.


CloudFlare is a widely used CDN service for WordPress. Recognized as a smart CDN service, it can make your website truly fast in performance as it improves and optimizes the content delivery. CloudFlare also helps block potential threats and can keep away potential abusers to keep your website secure and in high performance mode. CloudFlare offers features that ensure optimization of network connections and resources usage by third party.


Cachefly has been making steady progress as a reliable and advanced CDN service for WordPress. It has quite a few big brand names as clients which adds to its value. It has more than 40 data centers spread around the world and can deliver your content fast and reliably across the globe thus saving bandwidth cost. There are different levels of plans on offer based on the kind of traffic you website handles. Not exactly expensive but their service is not very cheap either.

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