Top 5 VPS Hosting Services On Plesk

The Plesk VPS hosting system is set up using Plesk control panel software. Many virtual hosting providers offer clients the reputed and reliable Plesk control panel as it is simple to use and fits within limited budget as well. The comprehensive Plesk control panel makes it easy for administrators with basic knowledge of system operation to manage and control setups, site administration and permissions. This is a huge advantage for those who are not IT savvy.

VPS hosting service on Plesk is one of the many types of virtual private servers available and preferred by companies because of the many benefits it offers. However, it is important that you choose the right VPS hosting services on Plesk to enjoy the greater benefits associated with the technology. We have researched and identified the top 5 VPS hosting services on Plesk for your convenience.


Go4hosting offers the best VPS hosting service on Plesk which can be used for both Linux and Windows OS. Designed for a friendly hosting experience, the panel comes with a task-oriented and intuitive interface. Administrators with basic IT skill and knowledge will be able t0 control and manage the panel effortlessly and hence can be used for server administration tasks. Easy deployment and easy addition of web applications are the key features of Go4hosting VPS hosting on Plesk.



HostGator is a name that’s fast becoming a leading VPS hosting service and is being used by a number of small and medium companies. VPS hosting service from HostGator come with a full suite of tools including the reliable and user-friendly Plesk control panel. You can manage your server and domains with greater efficiency using HostGator VPS hosting on Plesk.



DialWebHosting is one of the leading VPS hosting services which offer clients the option of Plesk add-ons and control panels with a bevy of proven features for best virtual private server hosting experience. Plesk control panel from DialWebHosting puts you in full control of websites and applications hosted on the server. The support is superior to most other services of the same category and the pricing is affordable too.



VPS hosting from MyHosting is designed to fit the server operation needs of businesses of all types and sizes. The company offers one of the most efficient VPS with Plesk control panel for both Windows and Linux. You can use the service to get the best performance from your server even if you are not all that familiar with control panel operations. There are many VPS hosting plans to choose from so you can be sure you’ll find one that fits within your budget.


B4U India:

B4U India is a name synonymous with economically priced VPS hosting service in India. You can get customized VPS hosting services with Plesk control panel for both Windows and Linux hosting at pocket-friendly prices and powered by a host of friendly features from B4U India for meeting all your website and application hosting needs. The support is very prompt and efficient too.


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