Top 5 VPS Hosting Providers For WordPress

When you realize that your business has grown big enough that it can no longer perform as efficiently as before with the existing shared hosting environment, them the next step to take is to go for VPS hosting. In this type of server hosting system, one large physical server is compartmentalized into multiple virtual environments. You get a share of the main server as do many others. This is a better and more secure arrangement than shared servers as each website has its own virtual resources which they can use as per their requirements. This ensures better performance than shared server hosting.

Before making the switch, look into what each VPS host has to offer. The right balance of features and services delivers the power that you need to run your site at its most optimal level. Using VPS with WordPress guarantees smooth performance and a great hosting experience. Choose your VPS hosting provider for WordPress carefully to access the whole range of benefits.

The top 5 VPS hosting providers for WordPress are:

Go4hosting: Go4hosting is one of the most efficient and user-friendly VPS hosting services for WordPress. The service comes with the option of Parallel Plesk/cPanel control panel and a range of quality hardware and OS to choose from. You can also enjoy enterprise grade HVAC and prevention systems. All this comes at a price that will surprise you pleasantly. There are many VPS hosting plans to choose from.

DreamHost: DreamHost has emerged as one of the top providers of reliable and affordable VPS hosting services in India. Their VPS hosting service for WordPress comes with multiple security features and a number of proven and tested domain management tools. You can enjoy the facility of unlimited data transfers and if you are not entirely satisfied with the service, there is the money-back guarantee option that can be activated. One drawback is that the features are not exactly user-friendly and may prove a bit tough to handle for novice users.

InMotion: InMotion Hosting is a low cost hosting provider with excellent VPS for WordPress hosting option. You are assured of highest security for your data as regular backups are performed. Also, generous amounts of space and bandwidth are offered with some plans which make it easy for you to manage your growing business operations with ease and without having to break your bank.

CloudOYECloudOYE VPS hosting service for WordPress is one of the best available in terms of features, performance and pricing. The services are scalable and capable of meeting the changing hosting challenges of any organization, regardless of its size. With CloudOYE, you can enjoy faster root access and high density server environments. 24/7/365 prompt support is the icing on the cake.

Rackspace: Rackspace is a reliable name in VPS hosting in India and can be trusted to deliver an amazing WordPress hosting service at the most affordable price. The key features of this service are easy manageability and high scalability. It can easily meet all your workloads and demands.

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