Top 5 Self-Managed VPS Hosting Providers In India

VPS or virtual private server hosting is becoming increasingly popular among companies and individuals looking for a reliable server hosting solution. Apart from the ease with which you can scale up operations quickly, there are many other benefits of using this hosting service. With the right VPS hosting solution, you are allowed unrestricted root access. You can also install a custom software package independently without the support of your server host. VPS hosting services are available as fully managed VPS hosting and self-managed or unmanaged VPS hosting.

In fully managed VPS hosting, your server host takes care of all key tasks such as running and maintaining. This can save you the hassle of handling day-to-day operations of the server and also save you tons of time that can be used for running core areas of business smoothly. In self-managed VPS hosting, you are solely responsible for running and maintenance of your VPS server. This option is ideal for those who have good IT knowledge and have experience in handling server operations.

Choosing the right self-managed VPS hosting service is the key to success of your business. With so many operators in business, you might have a tough time choosing the best VPS hosting service. Our well-researched list of the top five self-managed VPS hosting providers in India can help you make the best choice without much effort.


CloudOYE self-managed VPS hosting service is distinguished by its unique features and high quality of support and service. You can enjoy high bandwidth and low latency interconnects with their self-managed VPS hosting solutions. There are many types of hosting plans to choose from. Each one is competitively priced and packed with a set of dedicated resources to help in smooth management of your websites and applications.


Go4hosting has a firmly established position as one of the best self-managed VPS hosting services in India. The hosting service expert has a number of VPS hosting solutions for you, all featuring low latency, high uptime and an advanced yet user-friendly cPanel. Round the clock support through a dedicated team of IT experts is a common feature of all hosting plans from Go4hosting.


BigRock is a reliable name in the web hosting industry. Their VPS hosting solutions are among the best despite the fact that they rolled out operations just five years back. Self-managed VPS plans from BigRock are based on Linux platform. The pricing is a drawback as it is high and there are no discount offers on any plans.


GoDaddy provides high quality services and ranks high among the leading hosting providers in India. Their self-hosting plans are available on both Linux and Windows platforms and are priced competitively.


Computehost has been serving the hosting needs of organizations superbly with their unmatched experience and unique hosting expertise. It is the most valued self-managed VPS hosting service in India as it offers high quality server hosting solution and that too at very competitive prices. The self-managed VPS hosting solution from Computehost includes Tier III data center support, advanced network architecture, high reliability and easy scalability. The security they offer is world class.



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