Top 5 Managed VPS Hosting Providers in India

Virtual Private Server is one of the most cost efficient and reliable hosting options that are popular among small and medium organizations. Managed VPS hosting allows users to choose an operating system of their choice and also to run applications as per their preferences. VPS hosting is preferred by businesses that are looking forward to a secure hosting without incurring huge costs of a dedicated server.

Managed VPS hosting not only helps users operate their websites in isolation while enjoying enhanced control and access to server but also frees users from routine tasks of maintaining, updating or securing their server. The following providers can be viewed as the top 5 managed VPS providers in India based on their important features.


Go4hosting has more than a decade’s experience as a trusted web hosting provider of high performance, secure, and affordable hosting services to clients that range from proprietary concerns, government organizations, to Fortune 500 companies. Their Fully managed VPS hosting services are backed by blazing fast page loading speeds, unrestricted bandwidth, and 99.99 percent SLA backed uptime. VPS servers offered by Go4hosting can be independently stopped, started or rebooted. VPS hosting plans offered by Go4hosting are designed to be customizable and scalable besides being highly cost effective.


Bluehost is one of the popular choices when it comes to VPS hosting. It has four different VPS plans to offer that are designed to cater to the needs of diverse websites. Users can choose from their standard VPS, enhanced VPS, premium VPS and ultimate VPS plans. Bluehost is offering a refreshed user interface backed by a sound customer service. Bluehost can be an ideal VPS hosting provider for users with limited technical knowledge.

Hostgator hosting

Hostgator is offering easily upgradable and customizable VPS hosting plans to respond to business growth of clients’ website in terms of heavy traffic. Customers can avail ample amount of disk space and RAM to support VPS server hosting that is enriched with 32 Core AMD Opteron processors. Award winning support team of Hostgator is available round the clock to resolve technical glitches if any via emails, web-chat, or telephone. Fully managed and semi-managed VPS hosing plans by Hostgator are aimed at catering to varied business requirements. Hostgator does not provide support of cPanel with their semi-managed VPS hosting plans. You can, however enjoy their robust technical support for issues related with hardware or configuration.

InMotion Hosting

If you are searching for SSD VPS hosting provider of repute, then InMotion can be your right choice. SSDs are known for reliable and flexible performance. SSD VPS hosting by InMotion is known for excellent scalability since you are provided with assurance of unlimited RAM, storage space, and bandwidth. InMotion has designed highly secure VPS plans that are perfectly suited for business that are on their growth track. If you have a dynamic website and are expecting accelerated growth in terms of concurrent visits or frequent traffic spikes, then InMotion VPS plans would serve the purpose well. Every VPS account with InMotion Hosting is provided with free solid state drives, SSH access, WHM, and unrestricted MySQL database support. What’s more, clients are also allowed unlimited cPanel sub-accounts as well as email accounts.

iPage Hosting

iPage is regarded as a highly reputed VPS hosting provider. They are offering exclusive technical support, intuitive cPanel access, more robust control over server resources, and guaranteed performance with highly affordable plans. Modern customers are also offered cloud oriented flexibility and dynamic availability of resources by iPage hosting. Their technical support is highly appreciated by their customers and can be accessed anytime through multiple modes of communications including email, chat, or telephone.

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