Top 5 Low Cost VPS Hosting in India

VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting solutions among companies looking for a reliable, affordable and secure hosting solution that’s an advanced version of shared hosting. In many ways, it can be a better option than dedicated server hosting, especially for those companies that are experiencing the first steps of growth and want to take their business to the next level quickly and smoothly.

VPS or virtual private servers are recommended for small and growing businesses. VPS hosting offers cost-effective server hosting solutions but does not let you down on features like flexibility and superior efficiency. It is the ideal hosting solution for businesses that has no real need for the pricey dedicated hosting solution and its heavy duty resources.

VPS hosting system is a large server machine that hosts several websites on its server portions. However, each website operates in an isolated environment and has access to specific share of resources. They also have the freedom to operate their part of the server independently without adversely affecting the working of other websites or clients.

The top  low cost VPS hosting providers:

CloudOYE: CloudOYE is the undisputed leader when it comes to VPS hosting in India. The high quality VPS hosting comes with a host of features designed to make server management effortless and trouble-free for all types of users. The key features are latency interconnects; high quality and dedicated computing resources and faster root access. CloudOYE also offers high-density server environments. Their technical support is not only prompt and available 24/7 but is acknowledged as one of the best available in the industry.

Go4hosting: Go4hosting is acknowledged by many top organizations as one of the best VPS hosting services. The sheer experience of this reputed service provider sets them apart from others. Go4hosting is a clear winner when compared to other VPS hosting companies in terms of quality of service and reliability. VPS hosting from Go4hosting is well supported by their state of the art data centers. Security offered is of the highest order and the pricing, with all these benefits is still among the lowest in India.

InMotion Hosting:  InMotion hosting is a reliable name in VPS hosting and serves the website hosting needs of a large number of companies in India. The service comes with many business friendly features like free data backup, unlimited disk space, faster servers and limited time money back guarantee. This is also one of the lowest priced VPS hosting services in India.

RichocIDC: RichoIDC is a name that companies trust implicitly as they provide one of the most powerful VPS hosting solutions in India. RichoIDC stands apart from others on the strength of their technology and ability to customize their VPS hosting plans to the varying needs of businesses. Another key outstanding feature is their stringent and layered security systems.

ComputeHost: ComputeHost offers low cost VPS hosting solutions for both Linux and Windows OS. There are a number of hosting plans to choose from to meet your business needs. ComputeHost is synonymous with quality VPS hosting solutions that are backed by operational excellence and robust, dedicated support. High network availability is another key feature of VPS hosting from ComputeHost.

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