Top 5 Linux VPS Hosting Providers in India

If you find your business unable to meet the challenges of improved traffic and increasing number of visitors, it is obvious that the time has come for you to make the transition from shared web hosting to VPS hosting. Linux VPS hosting is one of the most popular server hosting solutions recommended by industry experts for managing fast-growing businesses smoothly.

Linux VPS hosting is the ideal middle ground hosting service between shared and dedicated hosting but it has more features of dedicated hosting than shared hosting. It can be easily termed as a poorer cousin of dedicated hosting as it provided nearly all the features and hosting qualities associated with dedicated server hosting but at much lower price. To enjoy the whole spectrum of benefits of Linux VPS hosting, you must choose a hosting service that has an excellent reputation and specializes in Linux VPS hosting.

We have made the job easy for you by identifying the top 5 Linux VPS hosting providers in India.


Go4hosting is one of the leading VPS Hosting Providers in India providing quality VPS hosting with all the top-rated features. The service is exceptionally secure, given the fact that there is an element of vulnerability associated with VPS hosting solutions. The service from Go4hosting is fully customizable and comes with features like upgradable servers, high network connectivity and premium bandwidth. When you choose Linux VPS, you can host unlimited domains, get weekly data backup advantage and enjoy the latest VPS hosting technology available – all at an affordable cost.


CloudOYE ranks high on the top 5 list of Linux VPS hosting services in India. The service offers full administration rights to users, comprehensive SSH console and dedicated RAM, hard disk space and CPU despite it being a VPS hosting solution which generally does not guarantee specific amount of resources. The hosting service also offers high scalability to satisfy the website hosting requirements of users. CloudOYE is also known for their proactive server management and affordable pricing.


VPS hosting from DialWebHosting is a winner in many ways. The service comes with highly reliable support available 24/7 and customizable add-ons. There are a host of Linux VPS hosting plans available from DialWebHosting which can satisfy the hosting needs of various types of companies and within their budget. Free installation and configuration, customized software and hardware integration and round the clock support are standard features of all Linux VPS hosting plans.


ComputeHost is a popular and reputed Linux VPS hosting service known for their quality features and extraordinarily prompt support. You get the freedom to manage the portal the way you want. They use only the best hardware components and provide high level of flexibility and scalability.


InMotion Hosting is a leading VPS hosting provider but their Linux VPS hosting is more popular than Windows. You can enjoy their scalable Linux VPS hosting solutions with the added advantage of ample disk space and RAM. InMotion Linux VPS Hosting is fast, reliable and priced to fit any budget. There are a large number of plans to choose from.

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