Which Are The Top 5 Cheap VPS Hosting Services In India

VPS hosting which expands to virtual private server hosting is a type of hosting in which multiple websites are hosted on the same physical server. You will be allotted a slice of the main server which acts as an independent server but there will be restricted access to resources and security could also be an area of concern for some types of organizations. Generally speaking, VPS hosting is a simple, safe and affordable hosting option. Choosing the best VPS hosting service is important to be able to enjoy all the benefits associated with VPS hosting service.

This list of the top 5 cheap VPS hosting services in India can help you make the right choice without much hassle.


CloudOYE is one of the top-ranked VPS hosting services in India specializing in offering customized and fully scalable virtual private servers to businesses of all sizes. The main benefits of using VPS hosting from CloudOYE are high bandwidth, low latency interconnects and faster access to root. You are assured of smooth and top-rated performance consistently as their advanced tech support is available 24/7. You can choose from a range of VPS hosting plans with help from their qualified IT experts.


ComputeHost offers one of the most advanced VPS hosting services in India. The service comes with guaranteed uninterrupted business availability and superior security. The advanced technology that drives ComputeHost VPS service helps your business snatch that vital edge over competitors. Support is dependable too.


If you are looking for a VPS hosting service that has incomparable features and rock solid support, then you don’t have to look beyond DialWebHosting. Most companies prefer using VPS hosting from DialWebHosting as the service is powered by fully redundant data centers and supported by 24/7 server management and monitoring by an expert team of IT professionals. DialWebHosting also assured seamless bandwidth connectivity with their VPS hosting solutions. Unmatched performance and impregnable security are the other key highlights of DialWebHosting VPS hosting services.


This is one of the fastest-growing VPS hosting services in India and that growth is being driven by the excellent service and high-end technology the provider offers. Get personalized VPS hosting solutions at an incredibly low price with some of the most powerful features designed for smooth and hassle free management of your crucial business tasks. Go4hosting offers VPS hosting solutions that offer high flexibility and also allow clients to choose the hardware configurations they need to meet the specific objectives and goals of their business. Other benefits of using their VPS hosting services are user-friendly control panels, round the clock monitoring and server management and transparent billing.


BlueHost is fast emerging as one of the top names in VPS hosting services in India. The standard VPS hosting plan comes with high bandwidth and disk space. The stable and highly advanced hosting technology from BlueHost is a favorite of small and growing businesses looking for cost-effective VPS hosting solutions with features that can help them manage their server performance better.

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