Reviews of the Top 5 VPS Hosting Service Provider

When you are looking for effective and affordable VPS hosting solutions, you must consider these web hosting services:

  1. Go4hosting: Go4hosting ranks as one of the leading VPS hosting providers today and has won many awards for their services. This VPS hosting service provider has an impeccable reputation. It offers its clients state-of-the-art infrastructure and has partnered with leading hardware manufacturers for this. This web hosting company has been operating since 2000 and has come up with customized hosting solutions for diverse clients. It caters to customers hailing from different backgrounds like banking, manufacturing education, aviation etc. Their VPS plans can guarantee customers a high 99.9% uptime with free installations and quick deployment options. Go4hosting is known for offering high network connectivity and gives users complete root access to the servers. There are robust firewalls for data protection and the hosting provider maintains superior stringent security protocols. You can get benefit from round-the-clock technical supports for both Windows and Linux servers. Their ultra-modern Tier III data centers have been supported by enterprise-grade HVAC systems, robust backups, data recovery mechanisms, dual power supplies and on-site security surveillance. They also offer carrier neutrality which means clients are free to choose from multiple network service providers.
  2. Bluehost: Bluehost is also one of the top 5 VPS hosting services today and with good reasons too. It has been awarded by several industry insiders and user-review websites because of its professional services. Most web designers, developers and programmers choose Bluehost web hosting plans because of the wide choice of hosting options. Besides their enterprise level CMS hosting services like WordPress hosting, Bluehost is also known for its excellent VPS plans. It offers a user-friendly control panel which has many industry-standard features. It also provides secure ecommerce hosting solutions and great customer support services through live chats and phone calls.
  3. A2Hosting: This is another popular web hosting provider known for excellent VPS hosting solutions. This hosting provider has come out with different plans which can be suitably customized to suit client interests. It offers both managed and unmanaged VPS options. The plans are backed by free SSDs which guarantee superior performances. Their VPS solutions are rich in features and ideally suited for web developers wanting complete control over servers. The managed VPS solutions are perfect for webmasters managing business sites.
  4. iPage: Their VPS plans are ideal for those customers looking for affordability and entry-level solutions. The entry level plans are cheap and offer many exciting features with premium client supports. For larger businesses, there are other hosting options which are slightly high-priced. iPage plans are found to be most useful for the smaller business owners and entrepreneurs keen to build their sites. There are many free site builders and these are to be used with other free open-source scripts. iPage plans are also highly scalable which makes it popular among the SMEs.
  5. Hostgator: Hostgator is known for offering many premium VPS hosting options which are backed by a high uptime guarantee. This makes Hostgator VPS solutions very reliable. There are 3 hosting plans for VPS customers which have flexible software options. These are also backed by advanced technologies and excellent supports. Hostgator has plans for both Windows and Linux server platforms. It makes use of Plesk and cPanel for managing domains; Hostgator also offers support for popular programming languages and scripts.

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