How Fully Managed VPS with cPanel Fits into the Requirements of Every Business

VPS hosting is a web hosting platform that has been designed to bridge the vast gap that is found between the traditional hosting forms of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS plans are an affordable alternative option to the dedicated server for the small businesses either because of the higher costs or because they do not require all the resources. Fully managed VPS with cPanel is an ideal higher platform for the businesses that require more resources than what they get from shared hosting.

It has often been seen that the new businesses are a confused lot when it comes to choosing a hosting platform. They are not too sure of their requirements and are left wondering if they have sufficient resources to manage traffic but again are worried if they will be wasting their resources if they prefer the higher platform. It becomes all the more difficult if they do not have technical expertise.

These businesses are recommended to buy the fully managed VPS with cPanel. VPS offers similar features like a dedicated server at far lower costs.

Complete control to server:

VPS hosting allows the businesses root access to their server space. The clients are allowed to install the software of their choice. This gives them complete freedom but they are required to be technically skilled to install and maintain the software. But this additional burden of managing and maintaining the software and other applications are provided by the host when the business buys fully managed VPS with cPanel. The host takes responsibility of the software updates as and when they are available.This is a useful service for the small businesses that lack in technical skills.


Fully managed VPS with cPanel allows the customers to select the server of their choice. The hosting provider ensures that there is no lack in service that would affect the performance. Features include

• Server uptime: 99.95 % guaranteed network availability with powerful SLAs to ensure that the website is online to cater to the requests of visitors and customers
• Page loading speed: Speed is another crucial requirement. Visitors do not like to wait for slow responding pages. High speed internet connections from the leading ISP providers.
• Choice of servers: The clients can choose any of the Linux distributions or Windows versions they find suitable to their needs.
• Scalable: The aim of an online business is to grow big without the risk of server faltering. VPS hosts allow high scalability which manages any sudden increase in traffic without interrupting the services and availability.
• Hardware: The host uses the best quality hardware components to build the servers to ensure stable and top server performance.
• Redundant data centers: The servers are housed in highly redundant data centers that are well equipped to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

The VPS hosting India provider offers plans that include

• Free server setup
• Application and plugin install
• Security scan and malware removal
• Daily backups
• Automated updates.


The fully managed VPS with cPanel provider works as if the website is their business. They understand the concerns of a business about their data security and comes with several anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, DDoS protection, SSL certificates and firewalls to safeguard the sites from any malicious attacks.


Although cPanel is very user friendly and does not require much of technical knowledge, when a business opts for fully managed VPS with cPanel removes all the server related work from the hands of the technical experts of a business. It allows them to focus more on developing applications that would help the website grow. The service provider offers dedicated technical support including proactive monitoring of the site.

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