GoDaddy VPS vs. Go4hosting VPS vs. Richoidc VPS: Which Host Provides the Best VPS Solutions?

In VPS hosting, an entire server is compartmentalized to produce multiple virtual servers, each capable of functioning independent of the others. VPS hosting plans therefore act as the perfect middle ground between shared hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans. When you are searching for quality VPS hosting solutions, you should consider many web hosting providers to see which plans offer you the best features at the most affordable rates. Below is provided a comparison of the VPS hosting solutions offered by three leading web hosting services, namely Go4Hosting, GoDaddy and Ricohidc.

  • It is a known fact that out of these three web-hosting providers; Go4Hosting is the most popular because it offers a 100% server uptime while GoDaddy offers almost 99.97% network uptime. However, sites hosted by Go4Hosting appear to be available for longer periods compared to those being hosted by GoDaddy or Ricoh data centers. GoDaddy is known for powering the largest cloud platform and is primarily dedicated to the small-sized independent businesses. It caters to more than 14 million clients and has over 63 million domains functioning under it. Its clients are mainly small businesses, tech entrepreneurs, Individual developers and IT professionals. Ricoh is also one of the better known hosting services for cloud computing solutions and data center infrastructure. Ricoh provides end-to-end data center management solutions which are marked by better productivity, improved cost savings and time savings and better ROI.
  • When you choose Go4Hosting VPS Hosting, you can attain new heights because their virtual private servers give you unlimited control and flexibility. This company tries to deploy cutting edge servers which can offer resources on demand and it has robust security measures backed by round-the-clock technical supports. GoDaddy VPS plans are also highly scalable and offer fast loading times. They are perfect for fast-growing applications. VPS solutions from GoDaddy guarantee high availability and reliability. GoDaddy allows you to enjoy managed hosting plans where the host will take care of patching, upgrades, security monitoring and backups so that you can concentrate on your business. Ricoh also provides absolutely customizable plans when you choose their VPS solutions. Clients can choose any plan, depending on their requirements and budget. So, whether you want fully-managed plans or semi-managed plans, you can get both from Ricoh.
  • Go4Hosting guarantees greater loading speeds and a high-performance bandwidth to make sure all your business functions can be carried out seamlessly. Their best in-class VPS plans are also totally customizable and can be tweaked to suit business goals. So, it is possible to customize Linux or Windows operating systems and reboot servers without affecting security or supports or backups. Their Service Level Agreement provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee Go4Hosting also offers free set-up and fast server deployment. When you choose G04Hosting, you can get full root access through user-friendly control panels. This lets you configure any kind of operating system, whether you choose Linux or Windows. GoDaddy also allows you access to the virtual servers; so you can have administrative access for installing modules, PHP server level proxy etc. Unlike other providers, GoDaddy will also deploy your servers within minutes. Their servers are also equipped with the latest generation of Intel processors. You can even upgrade your servers any time you want without re-provision. Ricoh offers both managed and semi managed plans but the control panel is not included in their semi-managed VPS plans.
  • As far as security is concerned, Go4Hosting ensures that the highest security measures are deployed to avoid any unauthorized data access. There are robust firewalls which can protect the virtual servers from crashes. Besides, you can always get your technical problems resolved with help from their experts who offer support round-the-clock. GoDaddy allows you to keep your website clean with malware removal, CDN that is pre-installed on the managed plans and a WAF or Web Application Firewall. Ricoh also believes in offering high-end security measures to its customers for protection of their critical data. Their VPS solutions guarantee high performances even for businesses which are working on a tight budget. They guarantee full protection against unauthorized data access and data theft by granting full resource control to their clients.

These arguments show that where VPS hosting plans are concerned, you can trust Go4Hosting, GoDaddy and Ricoh Data Center completely, but if you are keen to get the highest server uptime for the most affordable prices, you should put your faith in Go4Hosting solutions. Their VPS plans are completely customizable and flexible, cost effective and can cater to your unique business needs. They will provide maximum uptime with the lowest latency. Their VPS servers have been segregated into different layers to keep client data totally safe from neighboring clients’ activities on that server. Their servers will benefit businesses of all sizes and the server can be suitably tweaked to suit your business goals. All underlying resources like RAM and CPU can be scaled up and down according to your demands.

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