Factors to consider when you want to go for the best VPS Hosting

It is great that you are thinking of going in for a website of your own. It is quite difficult to survive in today’s world if you are without one. While the benefits of a website are many, the journey towards the creation of one is not without challenges and obstructions.

When you would start, you will find yourself flummoxed at the mind-boggling variety of web hosting options open to you. The very first name in the list, the one that most beginners go for, is Shared Hosting. This option is the cheapest of the lot, but is good only for small websites. If you are sure that your site will grow bigger fast, you should go for the second option, which is VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting.

Why VPS Hosting

There are certain factors that you must consider before you go rushing at this option. Let us take them up one by one here.

Hosting management

The VPS hosting option opens up the world of server management for you. Unlike shared hosting, here you can access the server and tackle all server related chores that would help you tweak it as much as possible to match your site’s needs. You can go for either managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. In Fully Managed VPS Hosting, it would be the provider’s duty to ensure the server remains in a good working condition for your site. The other option would mean you are responsible for maintaining and managing the server. This is great for seasoned geeks who would take care of any issues that may creep in.

Operating system

Most hosting providers offer both Linux and Windows OS plans. Are you more comfortable with Windows? Or you are cash strapped and seeking a cheaper operating system for your site? Linux is an open source software and is thus a less expensive OS. You should check your level of comfort with the OS and then go for the better suited one for your site.

Server configuration

While it is great to check the software aspect of hosting, you must check the physical server too. The configuration of the server plays a big role in determining its speed and performance. All its aspects, such as RAM allocation, disk size share, processor capacity, etc. weigh heavily when it comes to the effective working of the server. Ask the provider to supply you with the details of the brand and type of the server they are using for your VPS plan so that you can check it carefully before deciding in its favor.

Help and support

It is vital to check the expertise level of the customer support team before you sign up with a provider for a VPS (virtual private server) plan. Problems may creep in unannounced at any time and stall your site’s operations. A good support team is imperative to counter the issues and work unimpeded.

Price and reliability

While you may be willing to spend more on your VPS plan, it would be foolish to pay for features you would never need. Always check the cost and features of any plan carefully and also verify the credentials of the provider. A reliable provider would walk the extra mile to ensure you don’t face any problems while collaborating with them.


With growth comes the need for resources. And that requires redundancy since to scale you would be able to utilize redundant resources. Scalability and redundancy work in tandem, and to be able to get full and effective website performance, you must ensure your provider offers both of these without fail.


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