Comparing The VPS Hosting Service Features Of Go4hosting, CtrlS and BigRock

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a hosting model that consists of a large server that’s compartmentalized into several smaller servers, each acting as an independent entity. When you choose VPS hosting, you can get a dedicated portion of the larger commercial server complete with all the resources needed to host your website and applications smoothly.

In many ways, VPS web hosting service model is a two-in-one system that combines the features of dedicated and shared server systems. The host is responsible for server management and other infrastructure management. Managed and unmanaged VPS hosting are the two types of VPS hosting services available.

Your business is unique and different, and has its own targets and needs. If you are a growing business, and need control, flexibility and security within your limited budget, VPS hosting is the ideal option. Choosing the right VPS hosting provider is the key to enjoying the best features and benefits associated with this option.

Go4hosting, CtrlS and BigRock are the most popular VPS service providers.

Go4hosting VPS Hosting:

Go4hosting has been providing VPS server hosting solutions since 2000 and is known for its flexible plans which can easily accommodate the need of businesses of all types and sizes. Their VPS hosting India plans include everything you need to manage your current and future hosting needs. High reliability is another key aspect of this leading VPS host. They use high quality servers constructed using the latest processors, and RAM that can be easily upgraded. All your traffic needs can be more than adequately met.

Go4hosting offers topnotch data center systems that are powered by state-of-the-art HVAC systems. We ensure round the clock power supply with dual power backup and diesel generators. You won’t experience any downtime or power failure which can be great news for your business.

Other reasons for choosing VPS hosting system from Go4hosting are its enhanced security measures, high scalability and round the clock support delivered through a dedicated team of qualified professionals. There are many plans to choose from. You can easily find one that can fit within your budget without compromising on the needs of your business.

CtrlS VPS Hosting:

CtrlS is one of the leading names in web hosting services. They offer the entire range of hosting options. Their VPS hosting is acknowledged as efficient and designed to meet the hosting needs of enterprises of all kinds and sizes. The main plans offers VPS server solutions are Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Managed VPS and Hoster’s VPS. The last named is a VPS solution bundled with client’s choice of control panels such as Plesk or cPanel. The server plans come with adequate resources to meet your business demands. The server is fast and the performance is above average.

The virtualization platform of CtrlS gives you a web-link that can be used for starting, stopping or rebooting or repairing the system if it runs into trouble. There is a customer service section dedicated to your business but the response is not very fast and the resolution of problem may take time in many cases.

Basic VPS plans are not exactly what small businesses would like to have to give them a good start. The resources offered falls short of expectations. Go4hosting scores easily over CtrlS in this aspect. Their plans, right from basic to premium, are full of high quality resources that are fully scalable.

Cost is another factor that works against CtrlS VPS hosting service.

BigRock VPS Hosting:

BigRock is a big name in server hosting and enjoys a great reputation in the industry. It is part of the Directi Group. When compared to Go4hosting, BigRock is relatively new in the market as it was launched in 2010. BigRock VPS hosting is reliable and preferred by small and medium businesses. The drawback is that their servers are mostly USA based. If you are looking for a service provider with servers and data centers based in India, this is not the option you should consider. The overall service is average although they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee which can be claimed if you are not 100% happy with the service. Customer support and response time to resolution of problem is not satisfactory. Pricing, again is not as competitive as Go4Hosting.

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